Walking in Integrity

May 18, 2010

Everyone knows the life story of David. He was a man who is described as “a man after God’s own heart”. He was chosen to be the King of God’s people when he was 17 years old. He was a man who accomplished some great things. David was not without his weaknesses and faults. We all remember the story of David and Bathsheba don’t we? Yet, David is a man that we go to learn a lot of New Testament truths. One in particular is integrity

In Psalm 26 David gives us four ways of which we can be like him and walk in integrity. They are:

1.) Surrounding oneself with good company (v. 4-5)

2.) Remaining innocent of sin (v. 6)

3.) Having a thankful heart, mind, and spirit (v. 7)

4.) Considering one’s relationship with God to be the most valuable (v.8)

The world has its standards of integrity, and so does God. Let’s choose God and His way and become men and women of integrity.

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