May 24, 2012

There are always time during the calendar year when you have moments to reflect. The most obvious time is right at the end of the year. It is during that time when many are gearing up for the new year and making their resolutions. Those resolutions are based off of evaluation and reflection. The other time is during the month of May. That is because May is the month of graduations. Graduation from college, high school, middle school, and elementary school. Today, our son Gage, officially became a CHHS frehsman. Anne Marie and I, like so many parents have done and will do, remember the day Gage first came to live with us. That day was the most eye opening, hit-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks reality day in our lives. It was the day we became parents to a 10 yr old. A 10 yr old who had seen more in his 10 years than others see their entire lives. Yet, this 10 yr old chose us. How many parents can say that? Here we are, 4 years later, and Gage has accomplished so much. He has become a Christian, he is maturing into a godly and respectable young man. We are so very proud of Gage and the hard work he has put in to getting to this point in his life. He, without even knowing it, has touched so many lives by becoming a person who has refused to be defined by his past and is working on making his future bright and full of possibilities. Today was a day of reflection for me. Gage, thank you choosing your mother and I to be your parents. We love you, are always here for you, and are praying for you every day!



May 23, 2012

So, it has been a few years (that is right I said “years”) since I have blogged. Should I say attempted to blog? Nonetheless, it fills good to be back (even if no one is reading). As always, I have been busy with my family, church work, and school (almost there Anne Marie, stay patient). Maybe more than anything, during the past 2 years (yes my last blog entry was 2010)  I have come to realize how important faith must be for me, as Elisha. Faith, such a small, but powerful word is mentioned every Sunday somewhere in this country. The best realization that I have come to about faith is that faith = “what you know about your situation/circumstance and what you know about God.” Abraham had this type of faith (Rom. 4:16-22), and the leper of Mark 1:40-45 had this faith as well. The interesting truth is that all of us can have this faith within us. It is just a matter of weighing the evidence! To those who would “walk by faith and not by sight” must know that the facts about God and God himself outweigh the fact of any and all current situations. My encouragement to you is to read your Bible, grow in your knowledge of who God is, and how He has proven himself to every person, in every generation who would “diligently seek him.”