Here is the prayer list for this week:

Those Expecting:

Krista Davis, Brittany Dent, Eden Lunn, and Jenny Sanders


Louise Roberts, Ken Harris Sr, Denise Morrison


Lori Petty, Jerry Senn, Roger Jackson, Keith Sheihane, Sheila Campbell, Harvey Kellogg, Paul Shiver, Paul Roberts, Randy Baker, Candace Foster, Arianna Dominguez, Tyler Reed

Here is a prayer list for Monday October 12,2015

Those Expecting: Susanna Miles, Brittany Dent

Shut-In’s: Louise Roberts, Denise Morrison

Cancer: Lori Petty

Those with Health Issues: Doug Miles, Vickie Miles, Dinah Livingston, Keith Sheihane, Steven Foster, Johnny Blue, Ken Harris Sr, Jerry Senn

Please remember to pray for these members daily.

1st Thessalonians 1:2 “We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers”

HXR Prayer List

October 7, 2015

Here is the prayer list for Wednesday October 7:

Denise Morrison

Louise Roberts

Nell Davis 

Ken Harris sr

Lori Petty

Dinah Livingston 

Jerry Senn

Keith Sheihane

Steven Foster

Jack and Judy Wilson

Sam Pitts

Johnny Blue

Alaina Eubanks

Cleaning Out the Sin

June 8, 2015

So as I sit here in the church office, ServePro is in our church foyer cleaning up mold that has crept in due to two severe water links in the past month. There are mold spores everywhere, but are invisible to the naked eye. Once those spores come in contact with water and warm air they start to grow and develop into mold that we can see. However, by that time it is too late to do anything other than call in the professionals to clean the mold up and out. Cleaning up mold is a very elaborate process that includes cleaning the carpet, the walls, the air unit, the vents, and other places affected by mold. Sin is a lot like mold. James says in his letter sin is “conceived” “birthed” when our desires give in to temptation. Once that happens, sin like mold, sets in and it becomes too late to do anything. That is when we turn to God who will in turn clean us of our sin. The cleaning agent that God uses is blood, specifically the blood of Jesus. Blood that is “pure and undefiled” according the Apostle Peter. Sin does not have to be a way of life nor does it have to be something that we just live with. God offers a chance to have all things impacted by sin to be made new and clean. Maybe that is what we need today.

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.” 1st John 1:7

VBS 2015

June 5, 2015

Another VBS is in the books and it was wildly successful for us at Hamilton. This marks two consecutive years where our attendance has not been lower than 100. This is saying something considering our location. It was a very tiring, but encouraging week. The most uplifting fact about every VBS is the children. The children that we pick up in our van, the children our church children bring with them, and our adults coming out and supporting our VBS and our children. What made this year’s VBS so unique was our focus on the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus or in other words the Gospel. Whether it is a VBS, Friends & Family Day, or any other community event we must remember that the purpose is reveal God and what God has done in and through the Son. This VBS did exactly that. We have sown and watered the seed, and we at Hamilton believe that God will give the increase. We are praying the same will happen all over!

Mother’s Day 2015

May 7, 2015

“Hundreds of dew drops to greet the dawn; Hundreds of lambs in the purple clover; Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn; But only one mother the wide world over.” George Cooper

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and with it will come happiness, celebration, grief, and loss. Happiness and celebration because of the recognition that is due to our mothers for their extremely important role and impact they have had on our lives. Grief and loss because many of us have had our mother’s leave us for the next life and other’s who have not known the gift of children and being called “mom”. The truth is that a woman does not have to be a “mother” to biological children to be a “mother.” A woman is a “mother” to the children she may teach in Sunday School or Wednesday night Bible classes. A woman may be a “mother” to the young women of the congregation. A woman may be a “mother” to the people of the community that the church is located. This needs to be at the forefront of our minds and this is worthy of celebrating along side of the original intent of Mother’s Day.

We have been going through “The Story” for two months now. This week the church is reading through Chapter 10 which covers 1st Samuel 1-15. Great read thus far covering Hannah, Samuel, and the rise and fall of Saul. In the midst of all these individuals, there are some interesting events that take place in chapters 4-7 of 1st Samuel. To summarize, the Israelite go to war against the Philistines and lose and they lose big. They go home and believe that their major mistake was leaving the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark, in the OT, represented the presence of God for the people. The people believed that since they did not have the Ark they did not have God. They take the Ark with them in the next battle and lose that battle and worse the Ark is captured by the Philistines. The Ark, while changing possession and locations several times, is not seen for 20+ years. Why? 1st Samuel 7:3 “If you are returning to the Lord with all your heart, then put away the Ashteroth from among you and direct your heart to the Lord and serve him only, and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.” Judging by Samuel’s words, on the surface the Jewish people seemed to reflect God and show themselves to be His people, but looking futher, things are not as they appear. Their hearts are far from God and covered with idolatry. There is a great lesson for Christians today, to make sure that the outside and the inside are matching up and that the appearance that is being given to the world around us is a direct reflection of heart that is focused on God and serves God only!

Seeing When Blind

May 27, 2014

Hamilton’s VBS starts this Sunday and our theme is “Under the Big Top”. We are studying the lives of David, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel, and Samson. I must admit that Samson is the one who intrigues me the most not because he is any better than the others, but because of the tragedy of his life and yet how his faith was seen at the end of his life. Samson was a paradox of sorts. On one hand he was born to parents who prayed for him and loved him and under the care and plan of God. On the other hand, Samson lived a very reckless life due to pride and arrogance. That pride and arrogance got him into trouble with Delilah and her schemes. The saddest words of the entire Samson account are found in Judges 16:20 when Samson wakes up believing that he will just shake free of whatever trap Delilah has placed him in only to find out “that the Lord had left him.” Samson could see with his two physical eyes, but was truly blind because of his arrogance. It was not until Samson lost his eyes that he saw God and the purpose of God for his life. It is quite possible for the Christian to walk through this life but be blinded because of one sin or another. It may take spiritual surgery for us to be able to see the way God wants us to see in order to spare us from pain or torment caused by our own blindness. I leave you with the words of Jesus found in His Sermon on the Mount:

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be fill of light, 23 but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” Matthew 6:22-23

VBS 2013

June 6, 2013

So another VBS has come and gone. It has been tiring, long, but most importantly GREAT! What can I say about the members at Hamilton Crossroads? Their willingness to set up our props and stage for puppets, decorate classrooms, fix food, teach, lead the singing, or even just be a guide, was simply amazing. Every bit of success we had this year belongs to God, but our members certainly went above and beyond for VBS this year. They are an awesome group of people committed to their God and Lord. They remind me of the Apostle Paul’s compliment to the Thessalonians where he said, “For not only has the word of the Lord sounded forth from you in Macedonia and Achaia, but your faith in God has gone forth everywhere, so that we need not say anything.” (1st Thessalonians 1:8) So, a BIG THANK YOU to God’s church for working so hard and loving so much!


May 24, 2012

There are always time during the calendar year when you have moments to reflect. The most obvious time is right at the end of the year. It is during that time when many are gearing up for the new year and making their resolutions. Those resolutions are based off of evaluation and reflection. The other time is during the month of May. That is because May is the month of graduations. Graduation from college, high school, middle school, and elementary school. Today, our son Gage, officially became a CHHS frehsman. Anne Marie and I, like so many parents have done and will do, remember the day Gage first came to live with us. That day was the most eye opening, hit-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks reality day in our lives. It was the day we became parents to a 10 yr old. A 10 yr old who had seen more in his 10 years than others see their entire lives. Yet, this 10 yr old chose us. How many parents can say that? Here we are, 4 years later, and Gage has accomplished so much. He has become a Christian, he is maturing into a godly and respectable young man. We are so very proud of Gage and the hard work he has put in to getting to this point in his life. He, without even knowing it, has touched so many lives by becoming a person who has refused to be defined by his past and is working on making his future bright and full of possibilities. Today was a day of reflection for me. Gage, thank you choosing your mother and I to be your parents. We love you, are always here for you, and are praying for you every day!